This is the first post of the rebuilt content on this domain

If you have been paying any attention at all to SEO you’re aware of the humongous changes in what Google favors and what it penalizes by means of the Panda and Penguin changes to the ranking algorithm Google uses to determine who gets the top spots and who gets buried on page 3 (Or page 30) of search results

In 2010 I was the SEO for a computer repair shop in Frederick Maryland, that IT shop also offered web design, I did the Local SEO for the computer services shop and I partnered with the shop to offer Local SEO to Frederick MD businesses. That shop used computer science students from a local college as interns. On one occasion the Dean of Computer Science visited the shop for the purpose of certifying or accrediting the shop before he allowed his students to receive college credit for an internship. I posited to the Dean that by not teaching SEO the web design students he was cranking out were, in my words, “unemployable”.

He did not take kindly to my view… the trouble with teaching SEO is if you’re offering last years tactics, you’re already obsolete,  Google made over 200 changes to what it takes to rank number one in it’s search results in 2009 alone. In Spring of 2011 Google rolled out the biggest change since the original patent ( circa 1998 ) that led to Google itself.

I had almost a hundred posts and a dozen pages on this domain that, at the time of publication, if you had done what I said to do, you’d have dominated the search results for your company within your local target market… all of those tactics, the ones that were exactly what Google favored will now get you penalized!

Google runs on AI (artificial intelligence) it is not a person, it is not a team of people, there is no human intervention at all, it runs on a mathematical algorithm.

That algorithm can’t really “read”, it can NOT SEE at all, it is for all intents and purposes, blind, it “sees” in braile

My original company Frederick Web Promotions is taking a back seat to my new project: Beyond Google Juice

There was no point in keeping all of the posts from 2008 to 2013 because all of those tactics that used to kick ass, will now get you penalized (and that includes ME too)

more to come