How To Leave a Google Review that will actually display in Google

My intended audience is lawyers who wonder why all my clients have 4 star ratings or higher and you’re wondering why yours doesn’t

There are so many fake reviews that most are discarded by the major review websites. For a decade the major review websites Google Places, Yahoo Small Business, ( Yelp is one notable exception) had no means in place to vet reviews. Cheating was rampant, and for 5 years it appeared that there was no one policing fake reviews

Yelp, on the other hand, recognized this and developed an algorithm to screen reviews and filter out any they determined were either fake or a review was considered suspect if the reviewer had a visible financial interest in the company being reviewed. Yelp was so good at this in 2007 Google offered Yelp $600,000,000 to purchase Yelp.. Yelp turned this offer down

In 2007 Google observed that social media was mainstream and no longer a fad. Between 2007 and 2010 Google included glowing reviews left on various other Non Google review websites and still there was no effective means, other than Yelp’s fake review algorithm, to vet if a reviewer had a financial interest in “Mud Slinging” in an effort to damage a competitors online reputation

Google could easily see a spate of horrid reviews all left by a competitors second cousin

Enter Google+, Google’s version of social media. Google observed cheating to be so widespread that they refused to boost in Rank any local company that had “fake reviews”.

If your client has a Google+ account and they leave you a review… you KNOW that review will boost your ranking in a Google search result page when a prospective client
Enter the Android smartphone:

if you client is sporting an IPhone.. they *might* have a Google account, if they’re wielding a Droid smartphone you KNOW they have a Google account… having a Google account is a prerequisite of obtaining a Droid phone

You can’t leave the Cell Phone store with an Android phone unless and until you have a Google account.

Google makes everyone agree to it’s Terms Of Service. Google can tell, for certain, from the GPS history of a smartphone user, the following:

  • Google knows that phone has been from one end of your county to the other.
  • Google knows from the GPS that the person leaving a review is physically located at your lawyers office or the courthouse.. AT THE TIME OF THE REVIEW


you need reviews from smartphones MORE than those smartphone users need you

How To Leave a Google Review From a Smartphone

You want clients with an Android smartphone:

From an Android phone open a Google search box

type in “Divorce Lawyers in Corpus Christi Texas

Google Query

Select Law Office of Kelly Koch from that list depicted above

Google This Phrase From a phone

What you’re looking at is the Google+ Local page for The Law Office of Kelly Koch

Scroll down on that page from your phone and you see these:

Scroll Down on the Google+ Page










Above is what a prospective client sees from a smartphone when they Google for Divorce Lawyer in Corpus Christi Texas

They see this Google+ page which has been #1 in Google Places for 5 years running


If you were an algorithm, and you needed a foolproof way to figure out which reviews should be given more prominence… reviews left from a phone, if you could tell for sure was physically in that show room floor… at that time, would naturally skyrocket to the top


In order for a satisfied happy client to LEAVE A REVIEW, that review will “carry more water” if it’s left from a smartphone as opposed to a review left on a laptop or desktop.


Search On Google Maps


Click on Kelly Koch and you get this:

Scroll Down on Google Maps

Clicking on “Rate and Review” returns this page:

Now You Can Leave a Review

Now your happy client can leave you a review that will REALLY help make the phone ring