Maryland calls “Child Custody” custody
Texas calls “Child Custody” conservatorship

What term does YOUR state use to define custody?


Apparently Texas elects to not use the word custody, in my attempts to find out why, I learned conservatorship is a legal concept, similar to but not exactly the same as legal guardian, custody is a form of guardianship, what I do not yet know is what each state’s nuances are and what legal “hairs they split”, and I’ll post a link back to the first law office in each state that replies back to the poll

Attorney’s that reply to answer this question will get a link back to their website



California – Custody –¬†

Weber Dispute Resolution: Unlike other firms, we strive to provide you with options for your separation, divorce, custody, child support or family law issue. We use family law services like mediation, collaborative practice, negotiated settlement, consulting, and family law agreements to help you transition your family in a way that is peaceful, respectful and safe.

Florida –

Texas – Conservatorship

Law Office of Kelly Koch: Kelly Koch has been practicing family law since 1989. She has significant experience successfully handling the matters our clients are facing. Her knowledge in this area instills confidence and peace of mind in our clients.

Hawaii –

Pennsylvania – Custody

Julie Colton Family law attorney and Pittsburgh sports fan.

Michigan –

New Jersey –

North Carolina –

Massachusetts –

Georgia –

Virginia –

Arizona –

Alaska –

Illinois –

New York –

Alabama –

Ohio –

Colorado –

Minnesota –

Washington –

Tennessee –

Maryland – Custody

The Custody Place is a Maryland law firm concentrating in custody, divorce, visitation and child support cases. Our emphasis is on Children, Custody, Visitation and Child Support. In addition, we handle Divorce cases and other aspects of Family Law

Missouri –

Oregon –

South Carolina –

Wisconsin –

Kentucky –

Connecticut –

Utah –

Indiana –

Louisiana –

Iowa –

Oklahoma – Custody

Rockett Law Office, we defend all types of criminal charges in OK state and municipal courts, and the federal Western District of OK. Call (405) 529-6005!

Montana¬† –

New Mexico –

Nevada –

Maine –

Mississippi –

Rhode Island –

Kansas –

Arkansas –

Wyoming –

New Hampshire –

West Virginia –

Idaho –

Nebraska –

Delaware –

Vermont –

North Dakota –

South Dakota –


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