Local SEO Audit for South Mountain Builders

9710 Mt. Tabor Road, Middletown, Maryland 21740




Prepared by David Bruce Jr






This report has been created to identify and quantify aspects of South Mountain Builders website and overall social media presence as it relates to effective engagement with their human audience, as well as, being optimally relevant and parseable by the search engine algorithms that determine placement in the search engine results pages for the keywords that best describe their services, products, and industry.


  1. A description of the current state of the web site – A detailed analysis on how the web site is performing in search, social media, number of internal/external links and any other information related to the web site’s existing state.
  2. A list of recommended actions to take in order to improve how the site performs, together with explanations for every item in the list.
  3. A report describing a complete Digital marketing strategy for taking advantage of all available sources of traffic and opportunities on the Internet, Social Media, Smartphones, Tablets and not just SEO.

Web designers mistakenly believe the intended audience is a human, it is not, eventually it is but not until AFTER Google views your domain as The Authority in your genre. After that happens, then you worry about human user experience.


Keyword Phrase Strategy

Images, photos and graphics are irrelevant to Google


Google is not a human, it cannot make subjective distinctions, it cannot “tell what a photo is”, it cannot “parse” an image.


The ONLY criteria Google can use is text. The current text on the website will not help it to rank for any keywords that a user would ask Google for to have the site show up when prospective customers are searching for home builders.


The choice of phrases in the existing text assumes context has already been established.. The machine that runs Google does not know what context that is assumed, Googlebot assumes nothing, unless you spell it out for it.


Unintended Consequence of Auto Suggest


When you begin to type a query into Google, it attempts to finish your sentence for you, it attempts to guess where you’re going with a query in an effort to save you time… and unintended consequence of that is:


The syntax is not human syntax, it’s best if the keywords are front loaded into a sentence.


On Site SEO changes recommended:


Each page on a website has a “meta description”, Google returns links for queries and it offers a 200 character description of that link for a user to use to select what he/ she thinks is the most promising answer to their question.


Those meta descriptions are also what Google uses to sort it’s results.


The current page meta descriptions are not front loaded with keywords and each page needs to have it’s description rewritten

For Example:

The Home page:

This sentence is about refusing to do something

( from the algorithm’s perspective )


The ideal keyword phrase we want to be found under is “custom home builder

That phrase is found more that 200 characters into this sentence


Custom Built Home page

This text description does not contain the phrase “Custom Built Homes” anywhere, Googlebot has little choice but to assume this page is wanting to rank for “year in review” and thank you.


The About Page

Google is forced to assume this page is about Stopping by and graduating from High School


Off Site SEO Issues:


There are at least 4 other companies named “South Mountain Builders” that Google is currently indexing:

Old out of date street address is still indexed

The old listing needs to go away… there is a finite quantity of “Google Juice” ( Domain Authority in the algorithm’s eyes is termed “Google Juice” in SEO parlance )


With the old out of date listing still indexed, that errant listing is consuming 50% of the “available Google Juice”


The old listing needs to be “Claimed” ( take control of and edit the listing)


Claiming a Local Listing:


Before there was an internet, there was Ma Bell

The Phone company was a state sponsored “regulated” monopoly

Each residential listing was entitled to a White Pages listing, those came with a government mandate to be “unlisted” or public


Yellow Page listings, commercial phone listings did not come with such protections – your company listing is not “owned by you”, that information is up for sale and always has been.


The advent of the internet changed what?


The Government broke up the phone company into 7 “Baby Bells”. There was no way to split “Let your fingers do the walking with the Yellow Pages” seven ways, leading to proliferation of “Yellowbook”, YellowPages.com, Yellow this, yellow that…. In essence clones of the Yellowpages.


Listing Aggregators


There are what is called “Aggregator” companies, sort of like “brokers” of listing data of small companies, there were five major aggregator firms:

Localeze, Axicom, CityGrid, Infogroup, and Locationary ( which is no more as it was bought by Apple in an effort to populate iPhone map listings)

Once you form a company and register that company with the local governments, the name/ address and phone number of your business is listed publicly on government databases.

Once your listed, those aggregators then resell your listing over and over again.


It’s a time consuming process to get all of the old listings removed


South Mountain Builders is not likely to rank in Google maps without clearing up that errant old listing for the old address