This is the view Google’s spider has of website images

A large part of what needs to happen to improve our ranking is to optimize ALL photos/ images.

What most web designers concentrate on is what the “front end” looks like when a human views the end result.

Web designers, for the most part, simply ignore what’s included in the “back end” but (mistakenly) assume since humans don’t see, so they won’t worry about it.

This stems from the incorrect assumption that a human IS the intended audience.

Humans are NOT the intended audience

Google’s algorithm is

The means that Google uses to collect web documents is a “web spider” ( A “bot”,  a “web bot”)

this is the view that Google has when it attempts to decide if our domain is more important than our competitors domain:

The above graphic is what the spider sees when it “indexes” the entirity of your website.

The graphic below displays what Google sees when it “indexes” the images and photos you upload to your website.

What is significant about the above image is that the file names given to each image have close to no hint as to what the image is

This is the current view of this website’s images AS GOOGLE SEES IT NOW

And this is the view as Google sees an image AFTER meta data is embedded

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