Most small company website owners frequently check where in Google they’re ranking, especially when sales are flat. If you check your ranking from your computer at your office or home, you aren’t likely to see what everybody else sees…

what Google calls “personalized search” will show you what it thinks you want to see

The only real way to see what everyone else sees is to Google from the public library, a few minutes after it opens in the morning. Google wants what was called “a walled garden” like AOL was in the late 90’s before the proliferation of cable broadband internet access.

Back then most people logged onto the internet via phone lines using AOL. Once online the unwashed masses thought AOL “was the internet”, they didn’t know of any internet outside of AOL Google wants you to stay logged into YOUR Gmail account ALL THE TIME (or if you’re really above the curve, you can have your company email as a Google account without having to use a Gmail).

Google sells advertising, it wants to be able to offer an airline travel ad only to people who

A) bought luggage

B) have a passport Google wants to be able to offer ads for swimming pool cleaning only to people who live in zip codes that

  • all have new cars and
  • the average income is over $80,000 a year and
  • has more than a few swimming pools in it
  • is zoned residential and not commercial warehouse space.

The only way Google can effectively pull this off is to know a hell of a lot about you. The search results you see are NOT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SEES.. they are personalized as best Google can, to show you what Google THINKS YOU WANT TO SEE

If you’re a Republican you’re likely to see conservative leaning articles, If you’re a liberal, you’re likely to see global warming articles. Therefore one would think to log off of your Google account and Google’s tracking of you would end? Not so, there up to 200 factors Google uses, and many of those involve remembering which Google accounts have signed into that computer

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